mid April 2k

Upon returning from his Mexican sabbatical, learned of the saccharine tragedy. There was an explosion in the Finish Pie Factory. Tweeter, "pit bull in a skirt", once had the verbal metabolism of a hummingbird but now was baked. Pope John Paul II is not considering sainthood; artist laughed his ass off!

No sooner had the artist let go his grin, like a piece of bad yellow tail the spirit of Tweeter's basement reentered him. When he asked, "Who sent for you?" She answered with her thumb. He offered her his hand; she took him by the arm. knew that very instant, the mother of Archie's kid meant to do him harm.

Attempting to preserve the swelling, Sara of Ipanema anoints undeserving strangers. However, the precious ointment from her lavender jar could not penetrate the artist. Together they are seperate. His scar remains hidden deep in the lining of his skin. Gnashing and weeping she's not feeling his pain. Premature life is its own ransom.


"He bleeds only for his art. I love only for forgiveness."
A. B. A. 7. 3. 8.

"You'll love the way that she moves her hips.
You'll love the smile in her fingertips.
But you'll ,miss the magic when your fly unzips."
S. B. 1. 0. 1.

DIVER (c)1995
32" x 11" x 11"
Private collection
Tampa, FL.

April 2K

Baseball-bat fishing in Zihuatanejo.

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