July 14 2k

Purple and Blue information

........in his mind Jözef neither honors nor forgives. Pardon Jözef, with his hat in his hand and boots on his feet.....watch out....or he'll send one up your seat. The honorable Jözef, who is always looking for new china, will make the butchers round, yet at best leaves you with a hole to get sick in. Jözef with his picture book of golden trash keys counterfeits postcards of Ed Pashke's. Jözef the egomaniac, Jözef the island, Jözef the artist who has no history can't look back. Jözef, who wants me so bad that he spent last summer sniffing drainpipes and reciting the alphabet.

.......in walks fortune, in walks fame, in walks Marla. Affluent Marla, whose imitation of truth can make the ears fall off your face, hides her earthly possessions in the alleyway of her Bipolar mansion. Popular Marla whose honesty lies somewhere between Jupiter and a cup of coffee, gives so much away for free that she deserves another draft choice. Marla the tourist, Marla the placebo, Marla the artist memorizes the politics of her ancient history. Marla, the little scratch on the roof of my mouth, that would heal if only I would stop tonguing it.

S MERMAID 1992© Bronze 54"x 30"x 13"

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