October 14 - December 18, 2011


 Opening Reception October 14

 6 to 8 p.m.


101 West Second Street

 Michigan City, IN

 219 - 874 - 4900



String Theory
STRING THEORY cardboard  2008 - 2010 W - 120"  L - 300"

Photo: Mel Schockner



The sculpture, "String Theory" was influenced by gravity. Sir Isaac Newton said that the same force that caused the apple to fall down also moves the moon around the earth, thus uniting heaven and earth. "String Theory" shows the pull of gravity on its eleven figures'.

String Theory also says that everything is connected by a membrane or strings, and that these strings vibrate. "Susan's Dance" a continuation of String Theory, shows motion both in time and space.

The "strings" are part of these sculptures, therefore the sculptures
height is determined by the museum or gallery ceiling.



Susan's Dance SUSAN'S DANCE (detail) cardboard  2010 - 2011  W - 244"  D - 108"

Photo: Susan Snyder


SUSAN'S DANCE update 2011 part 3




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