Jözef Sumichrast's sculpture Purple and Blue emanates cultural dignity and striking directness. His subject is clearly stated; salient features are prominent, which to some degree is deliberately emphasized; component volumes and mass are built in a stylized balance, a harmony which is this artist's. Although there is a distinct, imaginative hand in Sumichrast's work, one feels that it would be accord well with anything retrieved from the ancient Middle East Assyria, or Neolithic Europe. The sculpture totem lingers in this art, and that presence endures in each viewing. 

Purple and Blue stands at the eastern edge of Chicago's Navy Pier. This spot offers the city's best view of the spectacular skyline and lakefront. Navy Pier is the place where Chicagoans and tourists from around the world would like to pay a visit since themed 1990's and enjoy the beauty of a day on Lake Michigan. And now they have company, Purple and Blue. Navy Pier has art exhibitions, entertainment, shopping and dining cruses. Sumichrast's sculpture's setting has a location unlike any other. A wide pedestrian promenade mirrors the Pier of past and Purple and Blue ushers in the future.


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