Contemporary Sculptors - Jözef Sumichrast
HAIR - Jozef Sumichrast

HAIR 2007© - urethane 18" X 24" X 10" photographer- Mel Schockner

In the first phase of his artistic career, as a painter, Jözef first drew realistic and three dimensionally, but without a traditional form of perspective. His drawings resembled architectural blueprints. Sumichrast would paint these flat, two dimensional drawings as three dimensionally as possible. The effect created a new perspective, similar to the way to the way cubism saw an object from different perspectives. Jözef then applied this thought process to his sculpture. "On the same piece, I am working simultaneously with flat two dimensional surfaces and curved three dimensional sculpted forms." More recently he began to experiment with transparent material, which allows the viewer to see inside and through the sculpture. Examples of this technique are "M Theory" and "Hair" Also, he is sculpting separate parts of one sculpture and fabricating them back together as in "Narrow Horses II" Finally, Sumichrast has started to suspend his sculptures from walls and ceilings which show the bottom of the sculpture, in addition to the top and sides. Examples of this technique are "Susan's Dance" and "String Theory".

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"I believe that in addition to simple sensations such as color, line and form; in addition to simple emotions such as pleasure, anger or curiosity, beyond the obvious of its physical presence art should express a concept or idea. I believe that there is more than three dimensional space, and as an artist I am attempting to express and transmit these feelings. There are phenomena in this world that cannot be measured in terms of length, breath and thickness. There are motions and functions that lay outside of our three dimensional space. Though inaccessible to us, there is an assumption that in addition to the three dimensions known to our geometry, additional dimensions are possible."

Jözef sumichrast

susan's dance - Jözef sumichrast

Susan's Dance 2010© - detail cardboard W - 244" D - 108" H - variable photographer- Susan Snyder

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