jözef sumichrast
ELEVATION 5# • bronze • silver nitrate patina • 23" x 34" x 12" • 2013©
Based on the figures from "Susan's Dance" the Elevation series consists of five different pedestal size bronze figures. The original figures have been created in Sumichrast's unique laminated cardboard sculpting process. His process calls for six to nine sculpted body sections, that go through the lost wax casting process individually. These cast sections are then refined and fabricated into a single figure. This results in bronze sculptures unlike any others in the world. Each of the five sculptures is limited to an edition of eight.

Part of the five editions have been sold. For pricing and availability contact: info@jozef.com

For more information on SUSAN'S DANCE visit
https://jozef.com/openlife.html life PREVIOUS MONTHS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4JqflHJlX0

ELEVATION 1# cardboard uncast figure 2013©