jözef sumichrast
Arroyo Gallery Announces Alliance with Amy Schilling
Local Art Maven Shines on Main Street

Arroyo Gallery is proud to announce its collaboration with longtime local artist and gallerist, Amy Schilling. Arroyo will feature works by Schilling as well as artists selected by Schilling on an ongoing basis.

In addition to presenting works by Schilling, Colorado artist Diana Woods, Donne Bitner, Chris Crossen and Caroline Reeves Johnson, Arroyo is currently showcasing abstract works by Wayan Purnata, a Balinese artist Shilling discovered during her recent travels there. Purnata finds his artistic voice within the realm of the abstract. He is inspired by his dreams, nature, imagination and every-day life experiences. Purnata's works are complex and mysterious. He paints with rich texture and has developed a superb use of light and movement within his work.

Arroyo also introduces sculpture by Jözef Sumichrast, a Chicago area artist. Sumichrast's sculpture explores the relationship between the second, third and fourth dimensions. He is interested in the simultaneous viewing of the subject from more than one angle. Drawing on his prior experience as a painter, a flat two-dimensional form is used to minimize a part of a sculpture or to show its basic shape. Three-dimensional sculpting is used on the same work to show greater importance and emphasize particular parts. Unlike Cubism, Sumichrast is not interested in immobilizing angles. Rather, light and the participation of the viewer gives Sumichrast's work its fourth dimension.

Arroyo Gallery is dedicated to bringing accomplished and cutting-edge art to Telluride in a salon-like setting.