Jözef sumichrast


Jözef Sumichrast was born in Indiana either on July 14 or July 26; there are two records of his birth. The earlier date was given to him, at a later time, by a religious organization. They wanted a different spelling of his first name so they changed his birth records. He goes by the 26th and Jözef. Sumichrast is also a believer in “String Theory”, which says that all time, past present and future is happening simultaneously, so the use of dates and numbers is erroneous.

He attended Indiana University where he learned Art History. Later he attended the American Academy of Art where he studied art fundamentals and anatomy. And there was always room for classes at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology. After school he painted commissions commercially for many years. Commissions poured in from Europe, Japan and North America. However Sumichrast became bored with the commercial world. And, wanting to move as far away from the one dimensional world he found himself in, he turned to sculpture. He is self-taught as a sculptor but has a debt of gratitude to his high school drafting teacher, Sculpting a two dimensional drawing has become a hall mark of his work.

Jözef’s sculpture explores the relationship between the second, third and fourth dimensions. He is interested in the simultaneous viewing of the subject from more than one angle at a time. A flat two dimensional form is used to minimize a part of a sculpture or to show its basic shape. Three dimensional sculpting is used on the same work to show greater importance and emphasize a particular part. The sculptures may also be bent or twisted, showing the viewer more than one angle. Unlike “Cubism”, he is not interested in immobilizing angles. Jözef wants to encourage an audience to “look around the corner.” Light and the participation of the viewer, give the artist’s work ita fourth dimension.

  1. Backstroke Illusion
  2. DressM
  3. M Theory
  4. Elevation Triptych
  5. Hair
  6. S Horse II
  7. String Theory
  8. Susan’s Dance
  9. Elevation 4#