wall rabit - jozef sumichrast

like an air kiss

Jözef Sumichrast (Lake Forest, Ill.) crafts animals from plastered cardboard. The material mimics wood, and as Sumichrast says, the plasters serve "as the originals for limited edition bronzed castings." This sounds nice, but I like them the way they are. "Wall Rabbit," for example, is bigger than the biggest of dogs; affixed to the wall, it looks as if it's trying to get away ... fast. Like rabbits do. Sinewy and desperate, its perfect claws grip as it hunches in readiness. Sumichrast's "S Horse" is more lyrical; a curved horse's "bust" is real and yet it's an interpretation, just as his "Narrow Horses II," in which two horses are nestled in space, their curved backs scooping and curving, but not touching, is like an air kiss.

Julie Pratt McQuiston

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