jozef sumichrast



What is your style?   Figurative, contemporary, cast-bronze sculpture.

What's your mantra?   Fear no art.

What inspires you?   Other artists inspire me; one example is Chuck Close. Close was a great painter when he was partially paralyzed. He overcame his physical handicap, changed his style of painting and is now better that ever. Anatomy - both human and animal - inspires me. Architecture, music, photography, poetry and the performance of athletes and actors is inspiring. AND... she knows who she is.

What has been your
most humbling moment as an artist?
  I entered "Life Drawing Class" at the American Academy of Art in the middle of the year. Most of the other students knew each other and were looking over my shoulder to see what the new guy could do. I had just completed a charcoal drawing of an attractive young girl and my classmates were very impressed. I was confident about my talent and work, it was good and everyone knew it. The next day the professor looked at my drawing for about 30 seconds and said, "She has six fingers on her right hand." I never forgot that humbling experience. In fact, if you look at my self-protrude sculpture, "Purple and Blue," you will see a male torso with six fingers.

What would we find in yoiur workspace?   Cardboard, clamps, power and hand tools, various glue, automobile bondo, files and rasps, all items that are purchased from hardware and building supply stores.

Why should people like your art?  

I originally learned to draw in architectural and machine-drafting classes. Therefore, I visualize a subject the way an architect would view a blueprint: two-dimensionally. There is a top, side, front and back view. The horizon on the drawing is the same from the top to the bottom of the drawing. I painted this way for years. Now I am sculpting, but I still visualize a subject the same way. I will do a drawing or a maquette two-dimensionally and then transform it into a three-dimensional sculpture. Light, shadow and movement by the viewer complete the three-dimensional appearance of the work.

swimmer - jozef sumichrast  

Title: Swimmer

Description: Cast bronze sculpture lifesize

Credits: Jözef Sumichrast