Wall Rabbit

WALL RABBIT 1997© - cardboard 62" x 37" x 30"

Sometimes when I work for a couple of days without sleep fatigue sets in. These are the times when I see movement. Out of the corner of my eye a shape or undesirable object moves across the floor or falls from the ceiling. This always takes me by surprise. I’ll look again and there will be nothing. Usually these objects are at the least nondescript or at the most geometric shapes. Recently, however, one of these shapes was a large rabbit. This rabbit slid down the wall and disappeared. Though the rabbit appeared only for an instant, its image remains with me. Whenever I see ”Wall Rabbits” I know it’s time to get some sleep. I did not want to completely refine or cast this piece. The image came and vanished so quickly that l felt it needed an unfinished appearance. ”Wall Rabbit” is designed to hang on the wall, thus the experience of fully viewing it as a three dimensional object is impossible. This is why I have given this work more of a three dimensional form than my other sculptures. The medium for ”Wall Rabbit” is industrial cardboard. The use of cardboard is a backlash against technology. However, I have found that when this lowly material is sanded, it is elevated to velvet.