Late August night 2k


The girls were playing 5-card stud in the lobby by the park.

In separate rooms they sat together in the dark.

She turned to him and he felt a spark.....

..........that tingled to his bone.
He could see that she lived alone.
A lil confused as she stroked her cat. looked bald from where he sat.

So, when he signed in he changed his mark.

Delilah had two queens but folded for the Lark.

Now, Squeezer's pain is like a corkscrew to his heart.



16" x 24" 2000(c)

"Victory Garden"

12.33" x 14" 1987(c)



16" x 24" 1997(c)

Carrying Nicole
28" x 51" x 16" 1997(c)

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